10 Ways to a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body: It Starts with a Sailing Holiday

At Sail Connections we’re all about the personal approach, and we like to share our sailing adventures, and sometimes our deeper thoughts on chartering, having done it so often ourselves.

Yacht chartering is more than a holiday; well, yes it is primarily a time to relax but just how passive you want to be is up to you. A yachting vacation gives you all manner of ways to naturally exert energy, while exercising the mind and recharging the body

Take a Sailing Holiday, and Return in Better Shape
  • Burn calories passively: Just being on the water you use more energy than you do on land. Your body counters the natural movement, and you don’t even notice. You exercise as you get around and handle the boat; stretching, flexing muscles and honing motor skills naturally. 
  • Do plenty of walking and swimming:  On this holiday there’s no car option and everything you do ashore involves walking. Once you get into stride you’ll explore on foot for the sake of taking a walk. Swim, swim, swim. The water’s just too tempting and accessible not to.
  • Breath clean sea air: it’s freshly re-oxygenated and just what the doctor ordered.
  • Bask in Vitamin D: Soak up the goodness of the sun, an essential element for your bodily well being.
  • Eat fresh: Enjoy the variety of unprocessed food straight from the fields, available in every port of call. It just takes better when all your senses are recharged and full of life.
  • Enjoy your own space: Holiday with those you choose to, detached from the rest of the world and all its over-stimulation and the forced responses it demands.
  • De-stress and take a big breath: Confront with calmness any challenges that arise. And they will, character-building in nature where your response can make you stronger and more able to handle everyday life back home.
  • Detach yourself: Your surroundings are within your control (well except for the weather); your boat is your kingdom and a huge moat protects you from the troubles of the outside world.
  • Delight in the sense of freedom: Throw away the itinerary and live in the moment; you have nothing to prove and no impact on what’s happening elsewhere.
  • Just contemplate: There is no better space. The peace and quiet of your home away from combines with the passing of time to allow deep reflection, doorway to a better life on returning home.
So Go Sailing 

Enjoy the fun, the excitement and the basic pleasures of life on a yachting holiday. Just as importantly hold on to what your inner self acquires, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. And should any of those benefits start to wane, look forward. Your sailing vacation experience is on repeat for further inspiration: back where you previously recreated, or maybe somewhere new.   

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