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Matching your holiday group to the best sailboat charter available, worldwide

With the largest portfolio of charter boats on offer in the 11 to 18 metre range - catamarans, monohulls and motor boats. We offer the widest range of choice - with optional extras and local services arranged as required - and we have all the world's best sailing holiday destinations covered.

We're all about facilitating a quality yet affordable sailing holiday where you want to go; so you and your group of family and friends can live the dream!

The Sail Connections difference: one contact, every option

Sail Connections began in 1990 with the desire to share the rewarding experience of sailing holidays. In the early days our services extended right up to chartering super yachts for ocean voyages and major events. Today however Sail Connections has a tighter focus. We want to make the pleasure of sailing a reality for more people like us, to make boats available for self-sail or with crew, and to make the world's cruising destinations accessible to everyone who loves to sail. 

We use modern tools but stick to the old ways - personal service. We subscribe to not just one but seven boat charter databases on which operators around the world have their listings. We run consecutive searches on each of them and present a selection with our recommendations. That's where Sail Connections stands out. Online searches you see on other websites use a single database.

We will match any competitive offer. But expect us to be surprised if a competitor can beat our prices. 

Advice you can trust from people who love bareboat sailing holidays

To us the personal approach is what matters. When we discuss your bareboat charter, our commitment is to match our offer exactly with your requirements. We create a holiday package to fit your needs, your sailing capabilities and your budget. And we make sure that before you cast off everything is in place for a succesful charter. We discuss your destination options in depth to help you get the holiday experience you are looking for. We discuss the level of sailing experience that will be aboard, and suggest the most suitable destinations and boats to match. We put together your provisioning preferences, on board extras and crew if required. In short all that's needed for that perfect sailboat vacation experience.

In our quarter-century of bareboat sailing charter experience, we have formed great working relationships with boat owners all over the world. Our partners range from local boutique charter operators to the largest milti-desination companies. As an independent agent we are completely objective in addressing your needs, committed to presenting you with the best-value options available in your chosen destination.

The Sail Connections team's passion for our boat charter business is matched by our practical sailing knowledge and experience.We understand what we must do to make your holiday a success, and we do it. 

Finding your ideal charter yacht

We have access to a wide range of premium catamarans and monohull yachts for charter. In agreeing to list boats for charter, we travel regularly to meet with suppliers and inspect their boats to ensure they are of a suitably high standard.

We work with you to match you to the right boat, based on:

  • Number of guests and accommodation requirements
  • On-board comfort expectations
  • Crew configuraton - bareboat, skipper and/or cook 
  • Personal holiday preferences and objectives
  • Best value for money from several quoted options

Helping you plan the itinerary

Mindful of what you are seeking in a sailing holiday, we work closely with you on your cruising itinerary. It will be one that enables you to visit the best places, taste the yummiest food, meet the nicest people, experience the most enjoyable sailing conditions, and find the right balance between relaxation and entertainment. Together we will put together a plan that:

  • Minimises windward sailing, often using one-way trips
  • Avoids long or rough passages
  • Identifies some top spots, rated on both cultural and natural features
  • Makes it easy to get to some great restaurants and activities
  • Takes account of time frames for passages and stops

Sharing our local knowledge, and giving you peace of mind

Sail Connections can organise your charter sailing vacation anywhere in the world. We are all well-travelled sailors, and love to share our knowledge of exotic places. What we promote is what we know best. In turn our clients are generally quick to pass on their sailing holiday experiences, which helps ensure our knowledge base is constantly being updated.

Using our experiences in sailing the world's best charter regions, we assist you in making your destination decision, setting sail, and getting the most from your bareboat charter experience.

Our service includes:

  • Advising the best time to charter
  • Connecting you with friendly local operators
  • Informing how best to prepare
  • Getting there
  • What to expect when you arrive
  • Local customs and policies
  • Sailing conditions to expect

When you talk to us about your sailing holiday, we do more than just book your yacht charter. We prepare you for the experience and answer all of your questions along the way. We do everything to ensure there are no surprises at the other end.

More About the Sail Connections Yacht Charter Service

Receive a personalized proposal with boat, cost and extra options as applicable.

The Sail Connections Guarantee

One contact - every option - advice you can trust.

  • Matching any competitive offer
  • Sourcing boats with discounts available
  • Personalising our proposal just for you
  • Qualifying the operator as well as the boat
  • Advising without bias based on 25+ years of experience
  • We do more than just book yachts!

We will match any discount website offer on charter boat price, and still provide our customary high level of service.

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