Going Charter Sailing? Why you should use a Broker

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Just like in the cruise and luxury yacht charter business, bareboat and crewed boat sailing holidays are growing in popularity the world over. Every year new destinations open up, every year more of the latest designs in catamarans, monohull yachts, powered and motorsailer craft come into service for charter use. With this growth come more ways to arrange your charter sailing holiday.

When arranging a sailing holiday charter, you can deal directly with an operator, and that may work if you know exactly what you want. Or you could purchase through a platform, if booking by machine is fine with you. In this specialised field however, where destination and boat choice can make or break a big leisure undertaking, and attention to a complex costing system can mean dollars in savings, an experienced broker is your best option for its independent advice and high levels of service.

Sailing holiday brokers work to build relationships with the best boat operators in the best places to go sailing. It’s a very personal service, working with you through your expectations at an early stage in the process, taking the time to become familiar with the amount of sailing expertise that will be aboard, offering alternative boat options and itineraries where appropriate, and once the booking is made staying in close contact with ongoing support.

Brokers are in the business because as people they want to share their love of sailing. The best brokers are experienced boaters there to help others enjoy the pleasures of time afloat: with fond memories of a family sailing holiday, or a week on the water in the company of good friends.  Independent brokers take every opportunity to travel the destinations they sell: checking out new boats coming into commission, sailing new destinations for the first time and revisiting established ones to see what’s new, and checking out the operators to ensure they are maintaining standards.  

When you book a sailing holiday with an independent boat charter broker you get the benefit of all that personal service, and at no extra cost to you. Authentic brokers are in the unique position of serving the holidaymaker as a valued client from initial enquiry to casting off, while representing the operators by selling their product while they get on with operating their fleets. 

So whether you’re the most experienced blue water sailor going bareboat in faraway places, or a small group looking for independence with paid crew as alternative to holidaying on a crowded cruise ship, do talk to an independent broker. Then set sail with the knowledge you require and peace of mind you deserve.

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