Sail the Island of Corsica

Superb sailing conditions, deep azure blue waters and white sandy half-moon bays all feature on a Corsican yacht charter. The unspoiled, rugged mountain scenery and deep shadowy river gorges make a magnificent backdrop to the beautiful anchorages you’ll find along your way. Inland there are friendly people and a fascinating countryside to discover.

The white cliffs of Corsica change to the red rock of Sardinia to the south. Combine both islands on a charter - two countries, two cultures and some great new places to discover. A charter out of Corsica also puts you in reach of the Tuscan Islands to the east. 

Chartering from Ajaccio, birthpace of Napolean Bonaparte, and  you are within reach of a spectacular coastline, framed by rugged mountains interspersed by lonely river valleys, with a succession of beautiful beaches, ancient villages and lively harbours along the way.  On a two-week yacht charter you can circumnavigate the whole island of Corsica, with time to visit the Italian islands of Sardinia and Elba. A one-week charter provides time to sail either south or northwards to explore the west coast region, retruning in your tracks. 

The Corsican people are as proud of their fine cuisine as they are of their history, and embrace the present with equal gusto. You will be enchanted by authentic local restaurants, the food and wine in themselves giving a good  enough reason for visiting tthis unique island that is French, but quite distinct from France.  

There is an excellent supply of boats available at bases on both ends of the Island. Talk to us about your itinerary, your timeframe and visit objectives, and we will advise on the best base to use and the boat that's ideal  for your needs. 

Winds: From June to September, the prevailing wind is the Mistral, whcih blows from the west/northwest. The Sirocco (southeast) blows in the winter, and the Libeccio (southwest) is common the summer and autumn. 

Climate: On Corsica, various micro-climates create a wide variety of temperatures and precipitation. The main mountain range divides the island roughly in half. As a general rule the north is hotter than the south. Summers are long,stretching from May until October. Winters can be cold and there's generally snow on the highest peaks until June


Low season : October to April

Middle season : May, June and September

High season : July and August

Tides: In the western Mediterranean the tide range is very small, rising/falling by just 30 cm to 60 cm (one to two feet)

Our client reviews about charter sailing in Corsica

Robert, I wanted to follow up and let you know we very much enjoyed our charter in Corsica. Thank you for arranging the charter, and answering my questions about the charter in Corsica. Corsica was a new experience for us and there were many unknowns. It was helpful to have you available to answer those questions. We would choose to use you as a broker again. Holly, USA, Jul 16th, 2019
Rating: 5 / 5
Bonifacio is out of this world. The Maddalenas were a little light on history, but they are not sold as that so its OK. The catamaran was great - nice and new, and everything performed to expectation. Tim, New Zealand, Jul 10th, 2018
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