Tioman archipelago is a pure paradise, located on the eastern side of the peninsula, displaying a string of more than 15 islands. Pulau Tioman is recognized as a jewel of the sea and, finding a place among ten most lovely Islands inside the globe

Tioman Islands are located in the China Sea, East Coast of Malaysia, about 200 NM North of Singapore.
Tioman is a marine national park very famous for its crystal clear water and the beauty of his marine life.
Tioman is probably the last unspoiled place of paradise in south east Asia: No mass tourism, no big
Wildlife and nature lovers will for sure enjoy their staying in Tioman waters. The best period of the year to sail there is from April to October: clear sky, 15 knots wind, crystal clear waters, wonderful undersea world. Lush green landscape and majestic cascading waterfalls add further to the charm of this Island. 

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Islands and Anchorages - Tekek - Day 1

Tekek is the main village of the archipelago. The anchorage is quite deep, it is
recommended to take a mooring or you can go inside the marina. There an amazing white sandy beach for your first swim in Malaysia. The yacht base is located in Tekek Marina.


  • Airport
  • Ferry Terminal
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Restaurants
  • dive centers
  • duty free shops
  • basic shoppin

    Day 1: Tioman
    Embarkation at 1:00 PM in Tekek marina, the only marina of the island. Installation on board
    and security briefing as well as cruise program. 45 Mn navigation toward North to Salang bay.
    Moorings in front of one of the most beautiful beach of the island, edged with a few local
    shops and bars bustling at night. First bath and farniente after one night flight


Islands and Anchorages - Salang Beach

mooring and anchorage in front of the Salang beach, nice restaurants along the beach.


• Restaurant
• Internet
• Dive center

Islands and Anchorages - Juara Bay

Juara is the second village of Tioman, it’s an excellent anchorage, protected from
the south west wind. The village is beautiful: small roads full of flowers edging the beach.
In the south of the bay, you can visit the turtle sanctuary. This is an association trying to
protect the turtles in the archipelago.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Renggis

Next to the Berjaya resort and the golf court, you can either anchor or take a mooring in
Pulau Renggis. It’s the perfect spot for the first or last night of your cruise, just “next
door” to Tekek marina. You will enjoy the snorkelling over the colourful coral garden.

Berjaya Hotel Restaurant
Golf court

Islands and Anchorages - Mukut Bay

Mukut Bay is only a daytime anchorage; it is not possible to spend the night there. if the weather is good, it’s possible to anchor for few Hours in front of Mukut Bay. There is a nice Waterfall just a few minutes walking distance from the beach.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Tulai

Pulau tulai is very famous for its snorkelling, it is a daytime anchorage, and it is not safe for night anchorage. You can anchor in the main bay in the west or take a mooring in the south west beach, be very careful and aware of the coral all around the island.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Labas

Pulau Labas is a small rocky island full of birds with great snorkelling and diving, there is a submarine cave going through the island from the north to the south. There are 2 moorings in the north east of Labas which are safe for night anchorage. The nautical chart is not accurate for this island and it is much deeper than the depth on the chart which makes it impossible to drop anchor.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Seri Buat - Day 2

The main Anchorage of Seri Buat is in the south west, just next to the coral reef linking the 2 islands. Althought you cannot cross between these two islands, the snorkelling on this coral reef is amazing. It is a very nice journey to go discover the river in the south east by dinghy (Impossible to enter with sailing boat), going up in the mangrove, hunting the delicious mangrove crabs.
If the south west wind is blowing very hard, it is better to anchor in the north part of the island.

Day 2: Coral island - Pulau Seribuat/Pulau Sembilang
45 MN navigation toward Coral Island, to moor in front of a magnificent white sandy beach.
Close to the shore, you will see varans, these giant lizards sometimes reaching 3 meters,
directly coming from prehistory. Snorkelling among very rich and varied sea depths.
After lunch, 3 hours of navigation to reach Pulau Seribuat / Pulau Sembilang. Mooring
between two islands. Exploration of mangrove. At low tide, a wide strip of white sand appears
and both islands are meeting. A stroll in « Robinson Crusoe's » way.

Islands and Anchorages - Babi Bessar group

The Babi bessar group is full of beautiful snorkelling spots, small white sandy beaches on isolated islands, especially next to Pulau Rawa in the north of the islands group; the best anchorage place for night is in the east of Babi Bessar.On the west part of Babi Bessar, you will find a resort with a nice restaurant on the beach.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Sibu - Day 4

Pulau Sibu is the favourite week-end place for the Singaporean people. You will find restaurants and bars along the two long beaches on the east side of the island. You can anchor there in 12 m on a sand bottom, be careful to not go to close to shore as a large band of coral is lying close to the beach. The south part of the island and Pulau Sibu Tengah are not accessible by sailing boat as it is full of coral patch.

Day 4: Pulau Tinggi - Pulau Sibu
2 h navigation toward Pulau Tinggi. Mooring: swimming, snorkelling, sun bath. After lunch, 1
h navigation toward Pulau Sibu. Peaceful atmosphere on the beach, edged with some local
bars and restaurants for a nice « happy hour

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Tinggi

There are 2 moorings around Pulau Tinggi, one in the south east part of the island: anchorage in 10m to 15m just between Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Simbang. The other is in the south west part of Tinggi, on the west of the coral reef in front of the beach, this anchorage is very beautiful but only safe during quiet weather.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Lima

If you're looking for a small piece of paradise, alone in the middle of China Sea, Pulau Lima is your place! White sandy beach, crystal clear water, beautiful corals and colourful fishes. Nothing is missing in Pulau Lima. The Anchorage is a day moorings in the west of the island. Not safe for night anchorage.

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Aur - Day 5

Pulau Aur is very famous for his diving spots: crystal clear water and very rich marine life. You can anchor or take a mooring between pulau Aur and pulau Dayang. Pulau
Aur is the only place where you can refill water (with Tekek marina), you will find a plastic floating pontoon in the canal between Aur and Dayang. Trekking is very nice around Pulau Aur.
• Water
• Restaurants
• Resorts
• Dive centre

Day 5: Pulau Aur
4 h navigation for the most beautiful island of the Tioman archipelago. Mooring and lunch in
the channel between Aor & Pulau Dayang.
The locals of Aor, live with fishing and agriculture (many coconut palm trees). This island
offers many fine white sandy beaches, edged with big granite rocks, looking like the ones in
After lunch, Island excursion, with quite easy ascent till top of Batu Berhala, a very
impressive rock formation, from its top view point is splendid to discover all Tioman islands
group. 10 MN walk will lead you to a typical village with its police station, its school, tiny post
office etc...

Islands and Anchorages - Pulau Pemanggil - Day 7

The anchorage of Pemanggil is located in the east of Teluk Kadar island: An enchanting wreck is lying in the north of Teluk kadar bay, in only 5 meters of water. Even a small
child can go and enjoy snorkelling on the wreck. Ashore, there is a beautiful track all the way to the top of the bay.

Mersing is the closest town on the mainland. The access to Mersing by sailing boat is very difficult due to the tides. The town has nothing special. We recommend not to stop in Mersing during your cruise

Day 7: Pulau Pemangil - Tioman
2 h 30 navigation to reach Pulau Pemangil. Snorkelling above a 19th century commercial ship
wreck, at 10 meters depth. Corals offer an outstanding range of colors and you are
surrounded by hundred of fishes. Lunch on a mooring North West of the island, edged with
typical fisherman huts. 2 h navigation back to Tekek (Tioman). Discovery of Tekek,
administrative & commercial centre of the islands. There you can purchase local handcraft in
the market. Village « stretches » along a 800 m road, giving the opportunity of a last walk.

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