Sail Puerto Rico & Spanish Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico includes the archipelago known as the Spanish Virgin islands, the territory's main sailing destination. This is an understated destination, a magical place inviting you to explore by sailboat. Puerto Rico's currency is the US dollar, and English is widely used along with Spanish. It enjoys a Caribbean climate and is very welcoming of visitors. A number of operators supply bareboat and crewed charters from marinas at the main island's eastern end.

Easily accessible from the USA and with the full range of attractions the Caribbean has to offer, Puerto Rico is another fine charter destination.

Your trip to Puerto Rico for a sailboat holiday may start in the capital city San Juan for some cultural experience and historical context. But as the sailing focus is squarely on the archipelago traditionally known as the Spanish Virgin Islands, your travels may well take you straight to Puerto Del Rey Marina, one of the Caribbean's largest boat harbors.

From Fajardo  the waters of the Caribbean open up, and a short sail east brings you to the first of a string of islands that stretch all the way to South America. 

Visit the Spanish Virgin Islands

Your Puerto Rico charter boat vacation will likely concentrate around the Spanish Virgin Islands, all part of the US-administered territory. The largest island is Vieques, a short sail from the mainland where you may like to spend your first (or last) night aboard. A series of fine anchorages dot the southern side of the island, one of the most popular being Ensenada Honda at the eastern end. .

Anchor in the azure waters off a white sandy Vieques beach, and your presence in the Caribbean strikes home. IThe island is a wonderful setting, with a scattering of barrios and a large wildlife refuge where the US Navy's bomb testing range is consigned firmly to history. Mosquito Bay is a special place, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world where the conditions are just right for the trapped organisms to shine.  

Enjoy the Caribbean's natural island beauty

Sailing northward a short distance brings you to the group of islands centred on Culebra. There are numerous places to explore around here, both in the water and out. Nature is at its finest in this relatively undeveloped place, and the waters teem with marine life. Of the world's seven turtle species, three make the Virgin islands home. 

Among the most popular spots for a charter stopover in this corner of the Spanish Virgin Islands are Culebrita, Cayo Luis Pena and the fine anchorage at the town of Culebra itself. This is the place to indulge in some local shopping and take the opportunity to re-provision.  

From Culabrita it should only take three to four hours to get back to base at Fajardo. But to extend your stay among the islands, spend a final night at Isla Palaminos. The island is highly developed with resorts, and day-trippers visit by ferry. But there's still a nice peaceful bay or two where you can tuck in for the night and watch the sun set, before returning to the marina for your 10.00am disembarkation. Perhaps to see more of what Puerto Rico has to offer. 

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