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Sailing Holiday Charter FAQs

At Sail Connections we love talking about boating holidays around the world. If you have a question about chartering a yacht, catamaran, motor boat or gulet and it's not answered here or elsewhere on our website, send us a message and we'll be pleased to help you with your sailing charter queries.

  • What activities are available during our boat charter?

    On your sailing holiday, be as adventurous or relaxed as you wish. A boat charter gives you access to land-based leisure with the extra fun that come with life afloat. A lot depends on how much you'd like to cover the territory, and how much you want to just relax at anchor in a convenient marina or secluded bay. 

    If you chose to spend a day on board, there are the aquatic sports including snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, diving and catching fish - then barbecuing it. That’s when you’re not relaxing in the sun with a good book or music.

    Or spend up to a whole day ashore. Explore uninhabited islands and busy cities in the same trip; laze on tropical atolls or dine in a resort restaurant; take a bushwalk or do some shopping; hire a car to explore historical sites or to ride a horse along the beach; experience the local culture or just hang out in a new place every day. 

    It all depends on your sailing holiday destination and your preferred pace of travel. Ask us about all the things you’ll be able to do both aboard and ashore when you talk to us about where you'd like to go sailing.

  • What sailing qualifications do I need to charter a bareboat yacht?

    The evidence of sailing ability required with your booking varies by country and charter operator. A formal qualification such as completion of an RYA (or equivalent) practical course, plus a VHF licence is preferred. However if you don't have formal qualifications, talk to us first. We can assist you in putting a sailing resume together that may meet official needs in the destination you’ve chosen.

    If you wish to upskill your sailing and boat-handling abilities before departure, discuss the options with us and we'll refer you to suitable local area training organisations. 

  • What communication links are available on our charter?

    Most bareboat charter operators stay in daily contact with their boats by VHF radio. Modern-day communications allow you to be as far away from base as you want, so you can make the most of your charter sailing itinerary.

    Ask us about cell phone coverage and connections to the Internet in the area you plan to sail. 

  • Do we need much sailing experience to charter a boat?

    The short answer is no. There is a form of charter for all, from experienced yachting people to those with little knowledge but a lot of enthusiasm for this most rewarding form of vacation getaway.

    The skilled and knowledgeable sailing group normally (but not always) opt for a bareboat charter. Less-experienced charterers or those wanting to leave responsibility for the boat, and the catering, will select a fully-crewed charter. These include gulets, the traditional Mediterranean style of boat that’s becoming increasingly popular.

    In between bareboat and fully-crewed is the paid crew of one. For that category of charter we will arrange a professional skipper to join your bareboat charter (so “skippered bareboat”).

    If you and your friends or family are sufficiently experienced to handle a charter vessel bareboat but prefer to sail foreign waters in the company of others, flotilla sailing may be the answer.

    If you are more used to motor boats than craft with sails, a power cat may be just what you’re looking for.

  • Is our charter boat insured?

    Charter Terms and Conditions vary between operating companies. All charter boats are insured with an excess applicable to claims. Some companies offer a non-refundable damage waiver thereby limiting the liability. In the event of a collision at sea, the rules of the sea generally apply. You may be liable for any loss of equipment overboard, as this is normally deemed as negligence.

    The contract formalities are similar to those with motor vehicle hire, but can vary country to country. For bareboat charter, the charterer's responsibility includes payment of a refundable security bond at base prior to departure.

    We provide full Charter Terms and Conditions at time of invoicing and prior to payment.

  • How much will our sailing holiday cost?

    In planning a sailing charter, there are many price variables that need explaining at the quoting stage. They include the season/time of travel, demand for the destination, the size and type of boat your group needs, and other market conditions. When you book with a reputable broker there are opportunities for discount such as early booking, extended charter period, repeat client and spot price when boats are in good supply.

    Our quote is transparent and there are no hidden costs. Apart from spending money and personal expenses, you will know the total cost of your charter well before leaving home.

    We can advise on the availability of cell phone services, shore excursions and the cost of standard provisioning in your destination of choice. We will help get you to your destination with advice on flight routes, transfer options and suggested accommodation, as required.

    See also our Yacht Charter Pricing Guide.

  • Can we use our laptops & electrical devices on board?

    Most destinations we deal with have cellular coverage for at least a part of the area you will sail. Naturally that may not apply to every island and secluded bay.

    Charter boats are equipped with 12 volt systems that generate battery storage power while motoring. 12 - 240 volt inverters are increasingly supplied, but if not we can arrange one or you can take your own. On board, inverters plug into car-type lighter sockets. They are suitable for low-current electrical devices only, and don’t cope with hair dryers.

  • What should we pack for our boat charter holiday?

    Generally all you'll need to pack is your personal gear, with the emphasis on casual summer wear. Take a jacket too, as the evenings just may bring a cooling breeze after a day in the sun. For South Pacific destinations, pack some reef walking shoes. We can advise you on any local norms and customs in your sailing holiday destination, and any dress conventions you need to consider.

    Basic essentials include suntan lotion, sun glasses, sunhat and swimming apparel. Snorkelling gear is usually provided along with sundry other water toys.

    Take some reading material and your favorite music, as there will be a sound system aboard. And don’t forget to pick up some foreign currency before you leave home, to get the best rates.

  • What equipment is aboard our charter boat?

    Your charter boat is your own floating hotel for the duration of your sailing holiday, and as such has a complete inventory for on-board living. That includes a fully equipped galley with modern sailboat-suitable appliances, navigation equipment and charts, dining & lounge seating, entertainment system, bedding & linen and bathroom facilities.

    For daytime leisure and fun in the sun there will be a range of accessories including a dinghy with outboard motor, snorkelling equipment, sun loungers with cushions, and other items such as fishing gear, depending on the boat.

    Please ask us for your boat’s inventory on booking. The craft will be provided at base with full fuel and water tanks ready for you to step aboard and go sailing.

  • Can we have a skipper for our yacht charter?

    You and your party don't need to be sailors to have the holiday of a lifetime. We can help you sail in confidence by arranging your own carefully chosen skipper/sailing guide. Their job is to take care of the boat and its navigation, while you enjoy the journey.

    If you are a novice sailor or have limited boating experience, opt for a skippered charter. If you are an experienced skipper, you probably appreciate the benefits of sailing without the responsibility of being in charge.

    There are many instances in which all charterers are wise to take a paid skipper, and so really relax! A paid skipper aboard offers:

    - local knowledge and lots of sage advice in the destination you are cruising.

    - to experienced sailors, the chance to completely relax and enjoy your holiday, while participating in the sailing as much or as little as you wish.

    - to the inexperienced, the chance to holiday in a manner you never thought possible, with the opportunity to learn about sailing along the way.

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