Sail the Dodecanese

The Dodecanese sailing region is ideally suited to a yacht charter holiday. This string of Islands situated just off the Turkish coast is a part of Greece somewhat removed from the well-beaten tourist path. This is timeless Greece as every traveller yearns to experience, its sailing waters centered around Kos, the area's main charter base.

Protected from the stronger Meltimi winds by the Turkish landmass, the Dodecanese provide some of the best charter yacht sailing around. Your course will zig zag from Island to island to provide a most satisfying sense of pleasure in the variety experienced at each port of call. 

There are some two dozen Islands in the Dodecanese Group that offer relaxation and shelter for the charter sailor. Some we recommend more than others, but all taken together they deliver Greek Island sailing holiday at its best.

Some of the Dodecanese Islands are so close to Turkey that you may contemplate a charter taking in both countries. Our advice is to treat them as two quite seperate adventures, taking the time to appreciate the culture of one or the other. If you do have the time and want to do both regions in one trip, it works better from the Turkish base of Fethiye.

However if it is the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese you have come to see, set out from Kos along a route put together with our help - one that ensures you will get the very best out of your time and travel arrangements.   

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