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Classical by Land and Sea: the Original Sailing Holiday Destination 

With over 2000 islands and countless miles of coastlines to explore, Greece offers a wide array of fantastic boat charter choices. Our role is to help you work through the maze to fashion the best sailing holiday option for you, from all that's on offer around mainland and island Greece. The Saronic Gulf, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, the Ionian Islands - five different sailing holiday areas rich in exciting places to visit, all laden with beauty and tradition.

Wherever you choose to sail on your yachting vacation around Greece, you'll encounter any number of sandy coves and beaches to enjoy, wonderful sites of antiquity to discover, and inviting towns and settlements where cultures are maintained and the hospitality just great! Every place you visit is unique, every settlement has its own story to tell. Turn the page and set your course, for the ultimate holiday experience sailing Greece and its famous islands.

This Famous Place of Antiquity: Imagine it, Experience it

Greece: it captures the sailor's imagination. Once you've experienced these ancient lands from your charter sailboat, you're sure to be drawn back for a new Greek Island experience. With regional variations east and west of the mainland there's sailing nine months of the year, so time is on your side. Discuss with us what each Greek sailing area has in store, let us sort through the myriad of boat and operator options, and we'll present a personalised proposal that's just right for you.

With all the choices you have for chartering a boat in Greece, it's important to do research and take advice. We know Greek sailing well, and our team is equipped to tailor-make your yacht charter, whether it's your first bareboat experience or you are a seasoned crew.  

In Greece you have a choice of five unique charter areas, all full of places of extreme beauty, numerous islands, beautiful sandy beaches, traditional harbours and small ports. Every place you sail in Greece is unique, every port of call is different from the rest.  

Climate in Greece

The weather in Greece is suitable for sailing from March through to November, with the best months for charter being from June to September. In July and August it can get very hot, often with temperatures in the high 30’s. This is of course peak European holiday season, when marinas are more crowded and newer charter yachts are often booked a year ahead. Some local areas have seasonal winds that are best avoided. For instance the Meltemi that blows in the Cyclades in July and August can be a little fresh for some. 

Here's a snapshot of wind and sailing conditions that generally prevail in the five main Greek Island charter areas:

The Saronic, Argolic & Peloponnese Area 

The Saronic, Argolic and eastern coast of the Peloponnese is a well-protected cruising area that's ideal for relaxed sailing. Winds are normally gentle, averaging force 3 – 4 and usually from the north to northeast direction. In the Argolic Gulf, the summer wind is mostly from the southeast and blows at the average of force 3 - 5. During spring and autumn the winds are normally weaker, and blow from the south over the whole area.

The Cyclades Islands 

This region's prevailing summer wind is the Meltemi, which blows from the north. The Meltemi peaks in July and August at force 5 - 7 and may occasionally reach force 9. It can last for several days. During spring and autumn, you may also find winds blowing from the south.

The Dodecanese 

The Meltemi also affects this area, blowing from a northwesterly direction at force 4 – 6. In spring and autumn the wind is not as strong, blowing from the southeast.

The Sporades 

Also in the path of the Meltemi, which comes generally from the northeast at force 3 - 5. Occasionally in July and August there can be stronger winds from the northwest at force 4 - 6. By the end of September the winds are usually lighter again.

The Ionian Islands 

The wind and sailing conditions in the Ionian Sea are predictable, making these great sailing waters. From May to September the wind blows from the northwest at force 2 - 5, mostly in the afternoon. In spring and autumn the wind is not as strong, and blows usually from the southwest. Expect to use your motor a lot in the Ionian Islands. 

Our Greek Boat Charter Services

In the Mediterranean there's a wide choice of charter operators, and it's very important that you sail with a reputable company. In our three decades-plus in the charter business we have developed a network of only the best operators - people we know we can rely on to take care of you. We'll identify the right yacht to match your budget, level of comfort and boat-handling experience.

Our team travels to destinations worldwide to inspect boats for charter, and to get first-hand experience of the cruising grounds we market. We offer local knowledge ,sailing itineraries that suit your pace, and onshore connections that ensure everything runs smoothly and you get the most from your holiday. When we help you organise your charter in Greece or anywhere else, you pay no more for our service.

For sailing Greek waters, arranging a bareboat charter is quite straightforward for the suitably-able sailor. Or we can arrange a skipper, who will take responsibility for your yacht and provide your meals. You can even take a cook along if you're looking for the ultimate luxury sailing holiday. Even experienced sailors often prefer to hire a crew, carefully chosen by us in consultation with our operators, who not only take care of the work but are your in-house local guides. It's fun to live like the locals for a bit: dining and shopping as they do, being entertained as they are. Often it's only with the help of your knowledgeable crew that such unique cultural connections arise. 

Navigation and Sailing Licences

A sailing license (usually a formal certificate at any level will do) and a VHF operator’s license are compulsory requirements of bareboat yacht charters in Greece. We help you work through all that, seeking prior approval of your documentation before you travel to avoid any last-minute headaches. During your charter you must carry the original documents on board, in case of inspection by the local port authority.

Our client reviews about charter sailing in Greece

Rating: 5 / 5
The Lagoon 46 was the best catamaran we have chartered. There was plenty of deck and seating space and all the bedrooms/ensuites were a good size.

Preveza was a great starting point and we enjoyed travelling south to Ithaki and north to Paxi. Kalamos was a highlight we tied up to a pier next to a taverna for the night and it was a lovely spot.

We had very good service from Robert and Sue at Yachting Holidays and dealing with an NZ company gave us peace of mind. The service from Fyly in Greece was also excellent. We really appreciated being able to board the boat early and our skipper was also very friendly and easy to get along with.

Our skipper Adrian Dimitru was keen to get away on Saturday afternoon so we headed south and got a day ahead which was great. .he cruise was excellent and Adrian got us to some of his favourite spots so we were very lucky.

Ithaki not to be missed. Craig, New Zealand, Oct 18th, 2023
Rating: 5 / 5
Dear Sue, we would like to thank you and Robert for all the work you put in to make our charter run so smoothly from your end. We absolutely loved the Greek Islands, they were everything we had ever imagined. Jill and Pip, New Zealand , Oct 9th, 2019
Good breezes that provided just the right level of challenge. Not super crowded - no troubles berthing / mooring / eating / etc. Fairly chilled - at least compared to Croatia. Patmos was very good. John, Australia, Aug 17th, 2019
Had a great time. The wind was terrific - good fun, but nothing too hairy - exactly what we were looking for to take it up a notch or two from Croatia last year. And the Dodecanese were really good - nice ports, not too crowded (esp compared to Croatia) - just felt a bit more out of the way. DYC were fine - a little bit more on the 'smell of an oily rag' end of things compared to the very efficient German-run scene at Trogir, but it all worked and no real issues. Excellent recommendation Robert - boat and destination - you nailed it!

John, Australia, Jul 31st, 2019
The Lucky Clover was fantastic. We travelled around the Saronic Islands which were beautiful. A new adventure every day. One day we hired scooters and explored the islands. Great service thank you. 10 out of 10, a trip of a lifetime! Deborah, New Zealand, Aug 1st, 2017
For a personal proposal structured to meet your needs, with advice on all aspects of your sailing charter ...

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