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Simply Fantastic: the Caribbean at its Finest

The British Virgin Islands group, between St. Martin to the east and Puerto Rico, is the most popular charter destination in the Caribbean and possibly the world. The sailing here is predominantly in waters sheltered by the large cluster of islands, with a huge selection of diverse and picturesque anchorages to choose from.

The BVIs provide the perfect location for vacationers wanting to take it easy and enjoy the boating lifestyle, the Caribbean way. The tranquil waters and abundance of beautiful spots to anchor make these islands ideal for first-time charterers to sail. 

Enter the British Virgin islands by air from any of several nearby Caribbean islands. If you are in the USA or Canada, it's easy to get there via the US Virgin islands. Charter a boat in St Thomas and explore the whole Virgin islands archipelago, or take the hour-long scenic ferry and start your sailboat vacation in Tortola. It is also possible to include the BVI on an extended charter out of Fajardo, eastern Puerto Rico. 

The World's Most Popular Tropical Charter Destination

The British Virgin Islands are mostly volcanic in origin, the northernmost point in a geological feature that stretches island by island all the way to Grenada. As a result the terrain in the BVIs is generally rugged. But there is an exception. Anegada, the group's second largest island, is a flat limestone and coral island that provides the visitor with a striking contrast in scenery and vacation experience. 

These sailing grounds offer an ideal blend of easy deep-water island hops, consistent trade winds, line-of-sight navigation and plentiful sheltered anchorages. All that makes for an excellent family-friendly destination that's perfect for sailing holidays.

The Virgin Islands receive less rainfall than many other parts of the Caribbean. That means crystal-clear water in which to enjoy the amazing snorkelling and diving conditions, or to simply take in the sight of an endlessly sandy sea floor spotted with brilliant colour. Add picture-perfect beaches, extraordinary rock formations by land and sea, numerous onshore attractions and a great selection of bars and restaurants, and it's easy to see why the British Virgin Islands are so popular with boat charterers.  

BVI charters center around Tortola and its nearby islands. Armed with information and a personalized itinerary, your sailing vacation can include Anegada to the northeast. There are numerous beautiful places within a short passage of each other to stop over on any day sail around the BVIs, for a sailing holiday to remember.

The British Virgin Islands' popularity as a charter destination has meant a large investment in boats and infrastructure. So there are plenty of choices for the charter that best suits your needs. Competition keeps prices reasonable, with specials being listed almost on a daily basis. Let us sort through all the available boats and present you with your ideal boat at the best possible price.

Some of the operator companies we work with offer extra services unique to this destination. Take advantage of any deals on offer as we personalize a proposal just for you, helping you plan an unforgettably rewarding sailing holiday in the BVIs.

The British Virgin islands are easily accessible from St Thomas in the US Virgin islands, either on a USVI-based charter or by scenic one-hour ferry ride to Tortola. It is also possible to include the BVIs in a charter out of Fajardo, eastern Puerto Rico, subject to proof of sufficient sailing experience. 

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